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I am a boating enthusiast so combining my knowledge of motor mechanics and my hobby I readily apply these skills to marine engines and boats.

I have recently had the pleasure of restoring this dutch barge she needed a engine repairs, rewiring and a log burner fitted. The heating system had been failing on the vessel and her engine was smoking and she had lost some power.

The pictures show me emptying the tanks ready for her to come out of the water.

She is nearly completed and will be up for sale soon.

If I can help you with any queries or if you would like a quotation for your boat please call me on 07889756654

From river boats to the sea. I recently serviced the engines on this 1970s sun seeker. The boat had started to smoke excessively. The smell and the black smoke coming from the vessel made it unpleasant for its owner. The boat is now running smoothly and I was really impressed how these old boats run for many years just like a classic car.

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